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China - A heaven for real travel

Vast. Geographically, culturally, ethnically diverse. Full of places unknown to the west.

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… drawn to new places, averse to the beaten track.

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... like following a specific river, or reaching an out of the way place or getting an in-depth view of a region. But you don’t know how to go about this in China. I am happy to advise you or join you.

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along the Mekong

Sakya monk in Yushu

Exploration highlights

  • The Sources of the Mekong
    I organized two expeditions to the remote and empty parts of Qinghai province where the Mekong originates. With Luciano Lepre I reached the known sources and we discovered a new river head. We claim we found the Mekong’s true source.
    » download my article in Japanese Alpine News (PDF)

  • Kharakoto and other detours from the Silk Road
    What would be left of the ruins of this ancient city 400 km north of the Silk Road in the desert of Inner Mongolia? The access road from Jiuquan was closed to foreigners, as halfway is China’s launch site for spacecraft. We knew getting to Kharakoto was going to be a challenge. 
    » read more (PDF)

  • Jinping
    Bordering Vietnam this county in Yunnan province is one of the most diverse and authentic ethnic minority regions in China. Yao, Hmong, Dai, Hani, Yi, Lahu, Alu show up in their colorful traditional dress at more than 20 markets. I made numerous trips there. Added travel charm and excitement came from encounters with local officials and police, and from roads turned impassable. » read more (PDF)

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Those who travelled with me about their unique experience

·         Alberto Anton Gallo, Emma Benito – Spain
“We loved the way you mix with the local people and the respect you show for local customs and culture. We saw the real China, unspoiled, untouched.”

·         Béatrice Corthay – Switzerland
“We set out independently with Pieter’s maps and info: clear and efficient.”

·         Nadine & Michel Daudet – France
“You are the best guidebook we ever read!!”

·         Helen Lubberink – The Netherlands
“Creative trip ideas; amazing new destinations.”

·         Enric Sole Herrera – Catalunya, Spain
“Pieter’s passion and enthusiasm are contagious.”

·         Dop van Gink-Meijer – France
“… he often managed the ‘impossible’ with his tact, decisiveness and tenacity.”

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