Pieter Neele - Guide to New Destinations in China

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Original Trips

These exploratory trips provide me with my best travel experiences: every day brings its surprises, every day brings something new.



minority market

Original Ideas

Where my ideas for exploratory trips come from? From things I read: I first came across Etzina, aka Kharakoto, in The Travels of Marco Polo. From looking at Chinese maps: if a district is called the Jiangcheng autonomous Hani county, the reference to the Hani tribe is enough to set me on my way. From the suggestion of others: a classmate when studying Chinese in Kunming showed me photos from the Jinping area and gave me initial necessary information. From a sudden flash of inspiration: I want to follow that road, or that border.




This is a collection of places, regions, routes I explored in China’s West. Guidebooks don’t know about them, tourists don’t go there. They offer spectacular natural beauty, authentic ethnic minorities, cultural relics. Their remoteness gives them additional charm. You are welcome to use this as a source of travel inspiration. I can give you information, help you to arrange your trip, or join you.