Pieter Neele - Guide to New Destinations in China


Some of those who travelled with me about their unique experience:  


Annemie Eggen – the Netherlands

His knowledge of China, his respectful behaviour towards local people and his commitment make him special. And he is a really pleasant person to travel with. All this made for an unforgettable trip.

(Trips: Yunnan and West-Sichuan, September 2010; Tibet and Nepal, 2009; Indochina 2011)


Hans Jacobs – the Netherlands

Without Pieter’s detailed knowledge about people, language, religion, landscape and practical issues like finding a good meal or a bus connection we could never have made this greaat trip.

(Trip: Yunnan, April 2011)


Enric Sole Herrera – Catalunya, Spain

For my third trip to China I contacted Pieter. My main interest was to continue discovering the different ethnic minorities living in Yunnan. Pieter is not the typical guide, his passion and enthusiasm are contagious and an added value. Pieter offers the possibility to travel off the beaten track and interact with the local people. I hope to travel with him again.

(Trip: Jinping minority region, March 2012; returned for a minority festival trip in Southwest Yunnan, February/March 2015)


Alberto Anton Gallo, Emma Benito – Spain

Our trip with you was the best part of our stay in China. We love the way you mix with the local people and the respect you show to the local customs and culture, we learnt to enjoy the moment instead of taking photos and to smile while we observed people who lived in a way so different from ours. We saw the real China, unspoiled, untouched. And we feel we did it in a very respectful way. We thank you for giving us this gift, and we wish more people will have this great time.

(Trip: Jinping minority region, August 2012)


Béatrice Corthaye – Switzerland

I had been to border areas of Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam quite a few times and was now looking for ethnic minorities in Yunnan. We set out independently with Pieter’s maps and info on markets, buses and accommodation: clear and efficient. The trip was really awesome and we did not meet a single tourist.

(Trip: Southeast Yunnan, July 2013; returned for a trip in Southwest Yunnan, July 2015)


Eric Barthes – France, Co-traveller on my first expedition to the Mekong sources (July 2012), commenting on my second expedition (July 2013)

So you finally made it! It’s a great achievement, congratulations, I am happy for you! I know what effort and commitment you had to put into this venture.


Dop van Gink-Meijer – France

Pieter Neele? A real ‘explorer’, someone who has never contented himself with the well-trodden routes of the average tourist, but who is looking for direct contact with people, their characteristics and their country. Made several trips with him, both in a group and individually. As to the latter, we weren’t always sure where we would end up but it was always ‘interesting’; surprising and challenging but doable. He was open to new ideas and suggestions for the itinerary. He takes the capacities of his fellow travellers into account, feels responsible fo them. Using public transport he often managed the ‘impossible’ with his tact, decisiveness and tenacity: he obtained tickets for trains that were officially ‘full’, kept in touch with drivers of connecting buses by phone, etc. On his request public bus drivers even stopped to let us make photos along the way.

(Trips: Silk Road including Kharakoto, September 2013; Cambodia and Laos, winter 2014/2015; Central China, September 2015)


Jan Schoenmaker – the Netherlands

Amazing how he finds all those great new places that others don’t know about. And by the way: good sense of humour.

(Trip: Yunnan-Laos-Thailand, October 2013)


Helen Lubberink – the Netherlands

Creative trip ideas; amazing new destinations.

(Trip: Yunnan, November 2014)


Tet and Myrian Barenbrug and Dick van de Pol – the Netherlands

We came to know Pieter not only as an excellent guide and interpreter, but also as a most kind and helpful man. With his modest and flexible attitude he fitted easily in our small group. He was always ready to assist, and helped us find our way in Yunnan’s colourful tribal life, of which he turned out to be very knowledgeable. In short, throughout  our month long trip we much appreciated his company, and we said goodbye as friends.

(Trip: South Yunnan, January 2016)


Nadine & Michel Daudet – France

You are the best guidebook we ever read!!

(Trip: Yunnan, travelled individually but with my advise, February 2016)


Paul Kriele – the Netherlands
We, five travelers, made a most impressive trip with Pieter Neele. It was very varied with wonderful nature, and colourful people in the broadest sense of the word. Because Pieter speaks Chinese we could really interact with them. We felt like travelers instead of tourists. Pieter: thank you for taking care of all practical matters, and for letting us intensely experience authentic China and Tibetan regions.
(Trip: Yunnan and Tibetan regions of Sichuan, June 2016)

Jan Kaak and May Blom – the Netherlands

Pieter, we knew you from a previous trip and this time you guided us through Yunnan and Kham. You were just the guide we wished, unobtrusive but always around with your knowledge and skills. We also appreciated the respectful way you dealt with local people, and we were happy to eat in small local restaurants so that our money went to the people who need it most. Your sense of humour and enthusiasm were infectious.

The hotels were very good, not luxurious or big, but perfect for us.

In short, it was a joy to travel with you. It was probably not the last time for us.

Many thanks for the wonderful month of June, and thank you for your friendship as well.

(Trip: Yunnan and Tibetan regions of Sichuan, June 2016)